Arabic pornographic forums

Arabic pornographic forums arechaotic and appear like haphazard creations. By and large, these sites are administered by one person who allows visitors to post their own material.

Research into these Arab sites reveals that most of the uploaded material tends to be the standard non-Arab/foreign porn. But with increasing frequency, there are also mobile phone video clips of Arab women engaging in sexual acts, often filmed without the women’s knowledge.
In some rare cases, the clips are more organized and well edited, and in some clips, girls appear to be under the effect of drugs or alcohol. Even rarer are instances of filmed rape; scenes produced to satisfy the needs and the fantasies of the movie-maker-publisher?
Arab group accuses Israeli police of posing as journalists
Residents of the Ras al-Amud neighborhood told the Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms that they witnessed Israeli agents carrying cameras and disguised as photojournalists arresting “several” young men who participated in demonstrations last Thursday and Friday
Such sites are not unheard of in the West, but they are new by Arab standards and reflect a new kind of public abuse against women – a trend spurned by the technological evolution.
It’s fairly easy these days to record anything, including sex scenes, with the help of a mobile phone, then to exchange the material through Bluetooth or by simply publishing them on the net.
As is the case with most “free” porno websites, visiting these Arabic porn sites requires registration to view the videos, pictures and other media. All of the Arabic sites are divided into about four sections: video scenes, audio scenes, photographic scenes, and foreign movies.
A Known Blogger Targeted for Blatant Violations , Now, A Victim of Impunity.
The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information, ANHRI, said today, that the general prosecutor decided to conclude the complaint filed by the known blogger Wael Abbas in April 2009, after being physically assaulted by a police officer and his brother. The investigation was closed allegedly due to lack of evidence, despite the presence of three medical reports including the forensic medical report documenting the injuries inflicted on Abbas and although one of his front teeth got broken.
In addition, Arabic sites feature stories of what are claimed to be “real” sexual relations or “marital betrayal.” These sites are immensely popular as revealed by the numbers of Arab visitors.
Religious sites using porn keywords
Most Arab countries have put legal restrictions on viewing such material, but for those who really want to see these Arabic porno sites,
their is also advice on how to overcome the official censorship mechanisms.
Look at the comments of the members and you can see a diverse reflection of backgrounds. There is a freedom of language in these forums – from curses to exchanging addresses and phone numbers in a search for that easy sex catch.
The strange thing about the Arabic pornographic websites and their rapidly increasing popularity is that some religious sites add pornographic expressions to keywords to lead web searches to their own religious home pages.
The official explanation given by some of these religious sites was that using such words was simply a means to attract Internet users in order to “raise awareness” and “deter” them from vices, or to attract new visitors.
Arab women journalists in the first coordination conference in Sanaa
Under the slogan “Women’s right of Citizenship”, Women’s Forum for Research and Training, WFRT organizes in collaboration with the Global Fund for Women, ” the First Coordination conference for Human Rights and Media Arab Women on the 4th and 5th of November 2009
More standard is the option offered by international porn sites where visitors are offered their ethnic preference, and after viewing video clips from several sites that featured an “Arabic sex” choice, the video clips were usually of well-paid porn actresses with Arab accoutrement – perhaps wearing an hijab to satisfy the orientalist fantasies of the end user.
In my research, I should mention the fact that advertising for international websites was what funded all of the Arabic porn sites I visited. Still, they seemed more about breaking the taboo of the intimacy of private relations between men and women as opposed to pure profit motive.
It is impossible to talk about the exact number of Arab porn sites. But their growing numbers reveal that Arab voyeurs will do whatever they can to get around official censors.

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