The Russian Ministry of Defense rejected Israeli claims as presented by the IDF spokesperson unit on Sunday evening.

During a Sunday evening press conference, the Russians argued that IAF pilots hid behind the Russian plane that was later downed by the Syrians, that Israel only informed the Russians about the strike one minute ahead of time, and that while the IDF claimed it’s going to strike in the north of Syria the actual strike took place in the west of Syria, Channel 10 news reported.

The stated position of the IDF is that non of these things are true.

Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov, who is the Chief spokesman for the Russian Ministry of Defense, further stated that: “Israeli pilots are very different from their American counterparts” and claimed that Israeli strikes place Russian forces in Syria at risk.

Claiming that the downed Russian plane was not able to change location in time to avoid the Syrian attack, Konashenkov said his ministry has “further information to back up the arguments presented.”

Speaking on Israeli Radio earlier on Sunday, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman claimed that “We’re not going to have a public media argument with Russia.”

“The whole thing is under control,” Liberman said, “we constantly have a dialog with Russia.”

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