Prince Charles wears combat medals without ever seeing action

PRINCE CHARLES is a fake! The 69-year-old future king displays a chestful of combat medals on his mili-tary uniforms — but he never fought in a single war! “Charles is making a mock-ery of every soldier, sailor and airman who did go into battle for their country — some paying the ultimate price with their lives,” charges an insider. “His own father, 97-year-old Prince Philip, served in World War II and his brother Prince Andrew saw combat in the Falklands War. “But Charles is a joke. He’s noth-ing but a clown prince. “He should be ashamed of himself chatting to REAL veterans while he steals their valor with fake medals. “He’s no hero like his son, Prince Harry.” The 34-year-old royal, who wed Meghan Markle in May, stared death in the face in bit-ter battles against the Tali-ban during tours of duty in Afghanistan in 2007 and 2008. “Harry was in the thick of the fighting!” praises Ameri-can military man Col. William Connor. “He’s the real deal.” At first sight, it appears Charles had a remarkable military career, holding five-star ranks in all three ser-vices: Army Field Marshal, Admiral of the Fleet and Mar-shal of the Royal Air Force. “But the truth is, he was promoted to those ranks by his mother, Queen Elizabeth, in 2012,” says the insider. “She previously elevated him to four-star ranks for his 58th birthday in 2006! “Yet Charles was in the military for just five years! He served in the RAF and the Royal Navy, ending in 1976 as captain of the coastal mine-sweeper HMS Bronington. “He never saw war.” Charles usually wears nine pieces of military bling. These include the Order of the Garter, Britain’s highest medal of chivalry; the Order of Merit, for distin-guished service in the armed forces; and the Order of the Bath, usually given to senior military officers. He also displays medals celebrating the queen’s coro-nation, as well as her Silver, Golden and Diamond Jubi-lees, which have nothing to do with the military or combat! “Clearly, Mommy had to give him lots of medals because he never won any,” blasts one critic. “He’s a pathetic imposter.”

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