the inmate Cosby and suicide crisis

REMORSELESS sexual predator Bill Cosby was put on suicide watch after exhibiting disturbing signs of pos-sible psychosis — including a “Jesus complex, paranoia and evidence of dementia,” prison sources confide to Vikilix. “Cosby thinks he’s being persecuted by the authorities just like Christ!” reveals an insider familiar with the 81-year-old’s prison process-ing procedure. The disgraced TV star was sent to the slam-mer for three to ten years for sexually assaulting a Temple University women’s basket-ball exec after doping her into unconsciousness. “It’s all about how his incred-ible contributions to humanity have been rejected — about how he’s being sacrificed!” Prison officials took steps to ensure Cosby didn’t harm him-self after the twisted sex mon-ster officially received his just deserts on Sept. 25.

Pennsylvania Judge Steven O’Neill ruled Cosby was a sexually violent predator, and linked his punishment to three counts tied to a 2004 attack on then 30-year-old Andrea Con-stand in his Philadelphia man-sion. But Cosby was accused of ensnaring at least 60 women in his perverted web — despite only facing criminal charges for assaulting Constand, who told the court the fiend “robbed me of my health and vitality, my open nature, and my trust in myself and others.” Following sentencing, Cosby — who refuses to say he’s sorry or admit his crimes — was imme-diately taken into custody, handcuffed and led from the courtroom by a steely-eyed officer to begin his journey into prison hell. Cosby’s lawyers had earlier argued the fallen mega-millionaire should be coddled with a no-jail sen-tence, given his age and dete-riorating health and eyesight. But O’Neill sided with prose-cutors who requested he serve at least five to ten years, with one saying, “Mr. Cosby took [the victim’s] beautiful young spirit and crushed it.” After the courtroom drama, Cosby was trucked off to a county prison, where he awaited bus transport to a larger state facility located out-side Philadelphia.

Sources say the former Jell-O pitchman’s first meal behind bars included a chicken patty with gravy, mixed veg-gies, mashed potatoes, iced tea mix — and in an incredible twist of irony, vanilla pudding for dessert.

Once at the state facility, prison officials performed their grim evaluation to determine where he would likely spend the remainder of his days. “They already took away his shoelaces and belt and any-thing else he could have used to hurt or kill himself,” says the prison snitch.

Cosby himself confirmed officials’ concerns, telling his wife, Camille — who didn’t attend the sentencing — “They think I will harm myself,” according to a source who overheard the conversation. But as Vikilix previously reported, cunning Cosby might yet still cheat the full measure of justice, as an insider con-fides the extent of his physical decline.

“He’s deteriorating not eating regularly, not moving much and has signs of major health problems!” the mole says, while other sources con-firmed the condemned comic is also suffering from hemiplegic migraines — a rare condi-tion that comes with stroke-like symptoms, including speech difficulties, vision woes, confusion and tem-porary paralysis that can last several days.

Prison is only adding to his issues, the snitch says. “He’s been raving like a lunatic since he arrived insisting he was framed,” says Vikilix’s prison insider. “He thinks
everyone’s out to get him. He’s paranoid for sure.”

Acclaimed as America’s Dad before his sick sexual appe-tites were made public, the source says whining convict told Camille he’s “under siege” and fears guards will “feed him to the hounds.” Mean-while, the prison insider says Cosby insists he’s been perse-cuted — just like Jesus. Even his spokesman compared the evil felon to the crucified holy man by saying, “They perse-cuted Jesus and look what happened.” But as Vikilix reported in August, sources say Cosby may have abandoned Christi-anity. Insiders claim the sicko is so terrified of being attacked behind bars, he joined the Nation of Islam in hopes its fol-lowers would protect him from harm — or even death. But his first days in the joint were no picnic — and he appeared to be all on his own. Cosby complained to his wife he fell down stairs — because guards took away his cane — and was pelted with stale hot dog buns tossed by jeering convicts. Says the snitch, “Inmates aren’t kind to sex-ual predators!” .

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