Festive fun turns out to be disaster

REVELLERS have claimed a “Winter Weekend” of skating, Santa and a Christmas market left them feeling grotto.

They gave the £5-a-head two day event a frosty reception after the ice rink turned out to be white plastic tiles, which staff sprayed with soapy water to make them slippery. A snow globe kept deflating with kids inside and customers claimed the Christmas market resembled a “car boot sale”. Visitors expecting to find stalls selling mince pies and bratwurst were instead offered bizarre items such as car registration plates and acne cream.

Mum Claire Cassidy, 23, who went to the event at the Bolton Arena on Saturday with her two-year-old son and friends, said: “The advert showed a big ice rink and it turned out to be just plastic tiles and a guy putting down soap. “It was filthy. The snow globe was deflated each time kids went in. “Parents were saying it was dangerous. It was a very disappointing experience.” Others vented their fury on social media. One visitor tweeted: “We went to Bolton Winter Wonderland yesterday and it was a complete joke! “I want to claim my money back.” Martin Robinson of Cree8ive Events said: “The response at the event has actually been really positive. “If it was that bad, the stallholders would not still be here.”