widow Celine Dion’s surprising new life

SUPERSTAR Celine Dion is bravely rebuilding her life in surprising ways following the heart-Shattering death of her beloved husband — with a fashion makeover, young-looking nip/tucks and a shocking romance with a hunk . nearly half her age!

Two years after the cancer tragedy that claimed hubby-manager Rene Angelil, 73,the 50-year-old songbird has thrown off her widow’s weeds and wants to enjoy life including a chance at love with 32-year-old backup dancer Pepe Munoz.Her friends are amazed at the change, but a source says: “She is finally ready to stop grieving and start living! “Celine has said she had never even KISSED another man besides Rene before meeting Pepe.“She never expected to feel this way again. Their sexy dances onstage detonated a passion in Celine, and she wants to have time to enjoy what she considers her last chance at love!” Dishes another insider: “Pepe has put a pep in her step. He makes her feel beautiful, sexy and alive.” Sources say the hardworking singer, mom of Rene Charles, 17, and seven-year-old twin boys Nelson and Eddy Who’d known Angelil since she was 12 and he was 38 — had a hard time “letting go of his memory.” After Rene’s death, which was followed by the passing of Celine’s brother Daniel,59, two days later the heartbroken star plunged into her work.

At the time, she appeared to be wasting away from intense workouts on her treadmill and not eating. And her behavior became bizarre. In July 2017, she stopped traffic in Paris, France, by banging on the roof of her car and climbing atop the vehicle for no apparent reason. A month later, she was seen dancing crazily in the stands at one of her sons’ hockey games. Close friends of the My Heart Will Go on songstress feared her constant fasting was fuzzing up her brain. But she’s snapped out of it. Now, Celine wants youth and romance — and has launched a complete makeover to overhaul her style and looks. “She’s stocked up on the latest fashions While in Paris over the summer, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on new dresses, pantsuits and shoes,” notes a source. “She’s had some plastic surgery done on the sly to stay young-looking, Botox and fillers, and some say a nose job. She’s always scanning the beauty magazines and getting inspired on what to do next.”She’s also ending her eight year gig at Las Vegas’ Caesars Palace next June. A pal adds Pepe has “been a godsend. He makes her laugh and he’s a total romantic. They order in dinner, put on some music and dance to bossa nova or salsa. “No way is she ready for a serious relationship, but she is having fun .Now She knows what she’s been missing!”.