Why Mueller couldn’t be a savior

The Left is now brokenhearted, but Robert Mueller “was never going to solve our national political crisis,” said Frank Bowman. Despite how liberals idealized the special counsel as a superhero, it was highly unlikely that Mueller could find such damning proof of conspiracy between Trump and the Russians that even Republicans would impeach him. Yes, the Russians hacked Democratic emails and gave some Trump associates advance word they would be released. Yes, the Russians mounted a large-scale social media effort to boost Trump and damage Hillary Clinton.

Trump welcomed the help—but did Vladimir Putin’s operatives ask Trump’s amateurish campaign team if they should do any of this, or involve them in the process—necessary components of a criminal conspiracy? The Russians are far too shrewd for that. Hardly the “Deep State” partisan warrior Trump made him out to be, Mueller conducted his investigation narrowly and by the book. He didn’t think it was his job to solve the problems that Trump’s assaults on decency and constitutional norms have created for our democracy. Instead, Mueller “has paid the American system of government and his fellow citizens the great compliment of trusting us to solve it for ourselves.”