Can we avoid Prime Minister Boris?

Time is running out for principled Conservatives to prevent that dangerous buffoon, Boris Johnson, from becoming prime minister, said Gaby Hinsliff. Our feckless PM, Theresa May, is so despised within her own party that even though she survived a no-confidence motion in December—and so can’t be challenged by party members for a year—senior Conservatives are considering changing the party’s rules to allow her to be ousted immediately. And polls show that Conservative Party members want Johnson, fount of the worst lies about Brexit in the run-up to the 2016 referendum, to succeed her. But it’s not Boris’ pro-Brexit views that upset his critics. Instead, they “see in him a worrying recklessness, a

willingness to say and do what others would not” in pursuit of power. He drops casual anti-Muslim slurs, saying that women in burqas “look like letterboxes,” and he could easily go further with “inflammatory populist rhetoric.” Worse, while he pretends to erudition, he is lazy and doesn’t read his briefing papers. In ordinary times, Conservatives would shut up and rally round a popular figure just to get the win. But “years of watching various Republicans in the U.S. wrestle with their consciences for failing to stop Donald Trump” have made some British Conservatives vow to do better. A handful have already pledged to quit the party if Johnson is made leader. That is the only honorable stance.