Utrecht, Netherlands Hells Angels banned

A Dutch court has banned the Hells Angels from the Netherlands, and ordered the biker club to close down all its chapters in the country. Calling it a “danger to the public order” and “a club of outlaws” (a slogan the gang itself uses), the court drew attention to the group’s long association with violent crime, including the killing of rivals, shoot-outs and drug offences. It is the first time that the Hells Angels, which was founded in California in 1948 and today consists of 470 chapters in 56 countries, has been slapped with a nationwide ban of this kind. Dutch prosecutors pointed to hundreds of incidents, including an arson attack on a café in the town of Kerkrade in 2015 and a mass brawl in a restaurant in Rotterdam in 2016, as examples of previous violence. The Dutch courts also outlawed a rival international gang, the Bandidos, in 2017, and a homegrown gang, Satudarah, last year.