San Francisco: Candidate 24

After deciding against a run in January, billionaire and environmental activist Tom Steyer reversed course this week and announced he would seek the Democratic nomination for president. The former hedge fund manager pledged to spend at least $100 million of his fortune on the campaign, and he’s already poured $1.4 million into a TV ad blitz in early primary states. While Steyer is best known for aggressively pushing for President Trump’s impeachment—a cause on which he has spent more than $50 million—his campaign announcement made no mention of impeachment, nor did it explain his change of heart about running. Instead he focused on combating climate change and ending “the hostile corporate takeover of our democracy.” Steyer, 62, has been one of the country’s most prominent liberal donors since leaving his San Francisco– based firm, Farallon Capital Management, in 2012, funneling roughly $230 million to Democratic candidates.