Grand Rapids, Mich: GOP defection

Rep. Justin Amash, the only Republican in Congress to call for President Trump’s impeachment, left the GOP this week, after saying “modern politics is trapped in a partisan death spiral.” Writing in The Washington Post, Amash, who rode the Tea Party wave to Congress in 2010, said that although his immigrant parents were Republican, he now felt that the two-party system “has evolved into an existential thre at,” with both parties valuing winning “for its own sake, and at whatever cost.” His impeachment call in May inspired at least four Trump-friendly Republicans to mount primary challenges, including State Rep. Jim Lower, who’s already raised more than $200,000. Amash, 39, resigned from the House Freedom Caucus, which he cofounded, and lost his assignment on the House Oversight Committee. He’s reportedly mulling a third-party presidential bid, saying, “I haven’t ruled anything out.”