Ituri province, Congo: ‘Terminator’ convicted

The International Criminal Court this week convicted a notorious Congolese rebel commander known as the Terminator on 18 counts of crimes against humanity and war crimes for his role in a bloody ethnic conflict. Bosco Ntaganda has been involved in numerous battles in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, but the charges stem from a conflict in Congo’s mineral-rich Ituri province in 2002–03. Witnesses told the court that Ntaganda, 46, and his forces committed widespread rape and murder—he personally shot dead an elderly Catholic priest—recruited child soldiers, and kept girls as sex slaves. The ICC issued an arrest warrant for Ntaganda in 2006, but Congo allowed him to live freely in the eastern city of Goma. He finally surrendered himself to the U.S. Embassy in Rwanda in 2013. Ntaganda could face life in prison.